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Make your ADB dimmers UP2DATE and ready for the future!  


Pino Solutions has developed a true direct 230 Volt EASY SWITCH by output upgrade for different types of ADB dimmers. It will extend your ADB dimmers' lifetime with many more years of reliable service.

Now every channel can provide fixed power to moving lights, LEDpars, equipment with buit-in transformers like boosters or audio amplifiers, active speakers and single phase motors.

-     Upgrade to EASY SWITCH:  DIM/230V on every channel.

-     Durable & safe system.

-     100% stand alone. No DMX needed.

-     Colour Touch Controller for quick access. Available in 3 sizes.

-     Built in, mounted or remote.

-     Available for all types ADB dimmers 380/220 & software versions.

-     Individual Eurodim, TwinTech & Dimostat module conversion.

-     Sustainable solution: reducing waste and saving resources.

-     Options: pre-programmed settings for fixed positions, control  via RDM, IOS and OSC.

-     Exclusive install by Roadtech Services.

The Electrical Facelift for your dimmers


Easy Switch: Simple & effective

Save on man hours & prep time

Tailor made to your venue

Convert your lighting stock quicker or at your own pace/budget

Save on energy bills

No new cabling infrastructure needed

Maintenance of dimmers included


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Screen & Remote options

4.3", 7" or 10" Touch Control


Different mounting options (see product pages)


Quick access for Easy Switch to 230V


Password protected & idiot proof


Customized stage/wall boxes and protector cases


Combine with other energy-saving measures

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Suitable for all equipment with


Switched Power Supplies

Mechanical/Electronic Ballasts

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Total Control with the Easy Merger+


The Easy Merger+ lets you single out parts of the control so you don't have to worry about your Easy Switch setttings when someone hooks up their own console to your network.

It's a simple, easy and cheap solution to protect your equipment and parts of your venue infrastructure.

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Easy Switch for

ADB Eurodim TwinTech modules*


Switch modules with the Easy Switch Modbus/DMX.

- Generate fixed, safe 230V on your outlets

- Configure all or some channels according to your own needs and budget

- Upgrading of individual modules regarless of the age of your installation

- Easy Plug & Play system

- Stand alone system

* For Standard Diagnostic version only!

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