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The Easy Switch Philosophy


With the Easy Switch upgrade you can extend the lifetime of your dimmer equipment and comply with today's needs.

The innovative design of the Easy Switch upgrade makes your installation more flexible.


Following the industry's developments and listening to user's needs allows for accurate information and advice.

Sharing knowledge

Effective and fast on-site support by the Pino Solutions team.

Personal approach with knowlegde and experience.

Instant problem solving and advice.


Control the Easy Switch upgrade from anywhere in your venue.

Explore the options suited to for your venue or project.

Bespoke colours or logos on request.


Buy the Easy Switch directly from the developers. All system needs tailored to your demands.

In House R&D

The Easy Switch upgrade lets you save on different aspects you never thought possible with such a simple solution.  


Help the planet while helping yourself.  Save energy, materials and much more by installing a simple upgrade.

Help the Planet

A true, direct 230 Volt Easy Switch by output upgrade for different types of dimmers

Every channel can provide fixed power to moving lights, LEDpars, boosters, audio amplifiers, beamers, active speakers, single phase motors, smoke machines etc.

Don't buy new dimmers if they will be no more need for dimming within a couple of years!

Upgrade now to prepare for the future without further expensive investments to infrastructure

A stand-alone upgrade with customizable options

With the Easy Switch upgrade you can extend the lifetime of your dimmer equipment and comply with today's needs.

DIY Options

Ideal solution for extremely tight budgets

Choose which modules you want to individually upgrade

Swap out upgraded modules to suit your rig and production needs

DIY options for self-build (*)

Spread your investment in time when budget allows

(*) For specific dimmer types: for Eurodim 2 x 3 kW and 1 x 5kW

Safely hook up any device to each selected channel to get real, safe  230V.  


Exclusively designed, developed & assembled in-house

100% Belgian-Dutch design

Over 70 years of combined experience repairing, servicing and upgrading dimmer installations

Tailor made solutions for every installation

Direct follow-up and upgrades after customer feedback

Free maintenance on dimmers included in installation

Pay only for each selected option

No more investments in extra cabling, break-out boxes or new dimmers

Save on man-hours and staffing

Budget the Easy Switch upgrade as maintenance and/or investment

Qualifies fiscally as Energy Investment Allowance and Random Depreciation of and for Environmental Investment (if applicable in your region).  

[ Willekeurige afschrijving milieu-investeringen & Energie investeringsaftrek (EIA) ]

Maintenance on dimmer installation included free with upgrade

24/7 on-site support for Pino Solutions

Fault finding expertise and alternative solutions

Secondary factory dimmer retrofits included in Easy Switch installation

Complementary support and upgrades for controls, fixtures & hoists

100% stand-alone system, no DMX needed

Simple Touch Screen controls (4.3", 7" & 10")

Wall mount, Rack mount & Table mount options

Control the Easy Switch from anywhere up to 700m hard wire.

Wireless and app control options

Gives you safe, real fixed 230V on every channel: safely hook up any equipment with transformers, LED drivers, switched power supplies or ballasts.

100% stand-alone system: no need for external DMX,  macro's or parking channels.

Easy Switch saves your system settings, even after losing house power.

No need to use damaging dim curves (NonDim) and modify power through dimmer components (or dim)

Secondary factory dimmer retrofits included in Easy Switch installation

100% user friendly (=idiot proof)

Sustainable and cheap solutions to continue to use +20 years old dimmers with the Easy Switch upgrade

Save on energy by switching to LED powered luminaires, use your dimmers as distro

Eliminate standby consumption drastically

Save on raw materials by extending the lifetime of your existing installation

Easy Switch installation counts as Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen (MVO)

Smart upgrade for house dimmers, touring racks and portable dimmers

Conversion of individual modules regardless of the age of your installation

Hook up any object that requires fixed, safe 230V or use the channel as a conventional dimmer.

Responding to EU regulations, as tungsten lighting will phased out in the future

Exclusive install by the developers

Because the Easy Switch is developped specifically for your venue and installation you only pay for what you really need

User feedback is analysed

User experience is used to improve the Easy Switch system

By following up on the latest developments in the industry only the best available components are used.

Drag your installation into the 21st century with the Easy Switch upgrade. Taking part in the energy transition has never been so simple and cost effective.

Energy Transition

Transition away from conventional incandescent and halogen light bulbs.

Don't shell out money for a distro instead of a dimmer, let the Easy Switch do it for you.

Improve the energy efficiency of your building by adapting your dimmers with a simple, cost-effective upgrade.

Modernize your energy infrastructure to fit your framework and meet strickt carbon emissions.

Mission & Values

We aim to manage each order, from design to installation and subsequently with maintenance and assistance, studying specific solutions for the needs of each individual customer. Enthusiasm, a passion for excellence, enhancement and professional growth, attention to health and safety, transparency and acting responsibly: these are core values that inspire us and guide us every day in everything we do.

We carefully research the best components to use when designing the Pino Solutions products, with a keen eye on solutions that favor the energy transition and sustainability.

This is why we choose to work exclusively with European suppliers and all our products are assembled in Belgium.

Sustainable & innovative investment in the future

Because sustainability matters!

The Easy Switch upgrade has specifically been created to help venues make the transition to a.o. LED technology. Because of the huge sector demand an innovative adaptation has been developed for existing dimmer installations.  



Our local governments are committed to making cultural infrastructure more energy efficient. Including the Easy Switch in a project supported by the Cultural Infrastructure Fund of the Flemish Government helps to quickly achieve climate objectives.



Several venues have already integrated the Pino Solutions Easy Switch to save on energy consumption and to invest in the future. Read more about some of these achievements in our 'Focus on File' series where every case is discussed in detail. Select a venue on our references page to read all about their experience with the Easy Switch dimmer upgrade.



Your venue probable has a dimming infrastructure they may already have been in service for several years. It has always worked well and still does to this day. However, because a switch to LED technology is being made and devices are increasingly being connected that cannot be powered via dimming a channel (such as moving lights, LEDpars, boosters, beamers, active speakers etc. ) the mayority of dimmers are not suitable for powering fixtures that need real fixed power. After all, your existing dimmers were developed before the arrival of new technologies in devices such as switched power supplies.

But with the Easy Switch upgrade you can switch easily and safely by means of a swith on a touch screen to convert the dimmer channel into fixed power (and back) where needed. Nothing needs to be changed to the existing infrastructure, namely the outgoing cabling or connections.

Due to the new standards regarding fire and environmental safety hazards, when installing a new dimmer/power supply with built-in relay, the cabling must also be replaced. With the Easy Switch this is not necessary. It is a sustainable and inexpensive solution to extend the life of properly functioning dimmers, avoid having to use new raw materials and avoid drastic structural works. This reduces the mountain of waste and money better spent elsewhere.

Extend the lifetime of properly working dimmers

Future proof

Conducting a sustainable policy with regard to infrastructure and energy consumption: it goes without saying. It is not just tackling the insulation shell and heating installation of the building that play an important role in this. The high energy consumption inherent in the cultural sector should also be reviewed. In time, all incandescent and gas discharge lamps will be phased out by European regulations That is why many venues have been investing for several years in lighting fixtures with a LED source. But is the infrastructure in the room to which they are connected suitable for this?