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Easy Switch upgrade for ADB Memorack

Memorack 15, Memorack 30, Memorack 180

Memopack 15XT, Memopack 30, Touring Rack

Mikapack 15, Mikapack 30

Real fixed power on any desired circuit

The Easy Switch upgrade for all Memorack, Memopack and Mikapack dimmers consists of built-in processor controlled relais and a Touch Controller for quick and easy-to-use configurations. Safely connect LEDpars, moving lights, boosters, Artnet nodes, sound equipment, projectors, single phase motors etc.

The fully autonomous system requires no DMX to operate and is completely customizable.

Sounds like magic? Not really, it's all very simple!

Read more about how and why it works on our FAQ page.

Extend the lifetime of your dimmer racks

As incandescent lighting will be phased out in the future, you might think dimmers are going to be a thing of the past and ready for the scrapheap.

Think again, because why would you get rid of solid working infrastructure when you can extend the lifetime of your dimmer racks by at least another decade?

With the Easy Switch upgrade you can use your racks as a distro.

Easy Switch: Simple & effective

Upgrade in our workshop

Tailor made to your venue

Presets possible

Speed up your load-in and load-out

Save on energy bills

No new cabling infrastructure needed

Maintenance included




Memorack & Memopack Options

Easy Switch upgrade available for all types of ADB Memorack and Memopack.

Extra customizable options for Touring Racks

Built-in or remote Touch Controller depending on screen width

Different screen & remote options

The Easy Merger+ for total control


Easy Switch upgrade for ADB Memopack

Memorack Case Study

Read about user experiences with the Pino Solutions Easy Switch in their venue and why they decided to install the upgrade.

Even recent venues have the upgrade

Convert your lighting stock quicker or at your own pace/budget

Save on man hours & prep time

Combine with other energy-saving measures



More benefits

Time efficient

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Staff & work
  • Quick load-ins & outs

Maintenance included

  • Save on operational costs
  • Service contracts available
  • Experienced technicians

Smart R&D

  • Direct feedback from developers
  • Customer input
  • Quick adjustments & updates

Help the planet

  • No new cabling
  • Smaller carbon emission
  • Realise goals same month

Show me all benefits


Energy transition solution

Investing, updating and implementing cost-effective energy measures are no longer a technical challenge with the Easy Switch upgrade. There is no need to completely replace or renew your infrastructure, purchase distro's or new cabling. Align long-term plans with existing solutions: we've already done the math!  The flexibility of the Pino Solutions systems offers tailor-made solutions to cater to the specific needs of each venue and demands in situ.

Screen & Remote options

Built-in or remote Touch Controller Width 4.3", 7"or  10"


12/24 or 48 channel control per page


Practical mounting solutions


Customizable with passwords, colour schemes, screen saver & more


Stage/Wall Box

Pult Box

19" rack mount

Click plate

VESA wall plate

Easy Switch upgrade for ADB Mikapack

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Total Control with the Easy Merger+


The Easy Merger+ lets you pick out parts of the signal so you don't have to worry about your Easy Switch set up when someone hooks up their desk to your network.  

It's a simple, easy and cheap solution to protect your equipment and parts of your venue installation.  

The Easy Merger works autonomous, regardless of the Easy Switch set up. it is placed in the DMX line to your dimmers. The channels you have switched with the Easy Switch are taken out of the line and are inaccessible to guest users.  

A must for venues who have a lot of guest productions and share their house line!