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EASY SWITCH for ADB Memorack 180

PS EasySwitch - 194001 / PS EasySwitch - 195001

Upgrade for ADB MEMORACK 12x3kw/6x5kw

In-house Memoracks that are used as fixed dimmers can accommodate the

EASY SWITCH option (also for touring or portable dimmers).

Switch safe to 230 Volt on each dimmer channel.

Plug-in display or built-in 19"front panel

Fully stand-alone. NO DMX needed!

Power supplied by relais and not via standard dimswitch law that controls the thyristors and needs DMX.

Safe to connect LED pars, moving lights, audio equipment and other equipment with built in transformers or switch power supplies.

RDM control optional.

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During installation a full maintenance is automatically carried out on your ADB Memoracks.

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